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Event Planning Services in Big Lake, Minnesota



Wedding and Special Event Planning, Consulting & Coordinating

As part of our event planning service, we will work with you 1-on-1 to plan, organize and keep your event running smooth and help take the pressure, doubt and stress off of your shoulders.

We will help organize and plan every step of your event and make suggestions along that way to help improve the efficiency and success of your event.

Planning Services:
• Complete Planning Checklist
• Referrals to wedding day vendors
• Phone and email consultations
• Meetings in person to develop a timeline for the wedding
• Confirmation of vendor commitments for the wedding
• Rehearsal directing and organization
• Timeline development for vendors and wedding party
• Coordination and direction of wedding day events

NOTE: You will take the responsibility of preparing a timeline, confirming details and commitments with vendors, and all other related duties. The consultant/planner will carry out the duties based upon the brides planning and preparations. In these instances where the consultant has no previous interaction with vendors, the consultant/planner is only as good as the information you provide.

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